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This is Guardians of Ember

MMO meets Hack and Slash

Become a Guardian of Ember and conquer this fantasy role-playing world, hacking your path through hordes of infernal creatures. Choose from a range of classes such as knights, priests and engineers, and explore this world of danger and wonder either alone or in a group. Survive and decimate!

Virtually Unlimited Character Optimization

Discover four races and six classes with over 300 skills. After reaching level 15, your character can unlock a second class. Learn and master an epic arsenal of abilities!

Instances with Custom Difficulty Levels

Gather your courage and conquer a massive world with over 60 dungeons tied to the story. Each has three difficulties that you can unlock one after the other. The level of difficulty influences how much loot, gold and experience you earn.

Houses, Tools and Variety of Modes

Rally your friends to your cause and play the game’s horde mode, or test your skills against human opponents in duels, 3v3 and 5v5 arenas. Return to your own personal abode after the battle to rest, craft tools or go fishing.

Thousands of years ago…

Holy Bonfire of the Mortals

The merciless onslaught of the dark armies caught the people by surprise. The fantastic world of Olyndale is almost lost…

The clarion call has gone out: it is time for all with the heart and courage to take up arms against the forces of darkness. Fight for your destiny as a human, dwarf, neia or elf and storm into the last battle with your allies!

Choose Your Mortal Coil



Humans represent the most numerous faction among the intelligent races. Now they must prove their courage and loyalty in the quest to restore the Empire to the glories of old.



The elves fight for balance in the world. By nature reclusive, the great evil has forced the elves to come forward and act in concert with their allies.



The dwarves are a valiant race. Courageous and bull-headed, they are determined to fight alongside the rest of the alliance to recover their homeland in the mountains.



The mysterious daughters of the forest are both graceful and intelligent. But they were not immune to the evil forces. Driven into exile, they have joined the war.

6 Different Classes


  • Dauntless soldier
  • Melee weapons and armor
  • High stamina and agility


  • Steadfast warrior of faith
  • Damage and healing
  • High range and support


  • Inquisitive mage
  • Energy and frost
  • High damage and agility


  • Explosives technician
  • Guns, bombs and traps
  • High range and support


  • Nimble scout
  • Longbow and poison arrows
  • High stamina and damage

Dark Knight

  • Unwavering dark mage
  • Poison and dark magic
  • High stamina and damage


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What is Guardians of Ember?

Guardians of Ember is a free-to-play hybrid of hack and slash and MMO action RPG.

In a fantasy world threatened by evil forces, you must prove your courage and fighting abilities in thrilling dungeons and brutal combat.
Join the army of humans, neia, elves and dwarves, choosing from one of six classes to enter battle as a Guardian against the evil invading forces.
Weapons and gear can be upgraded and leveled up, leaving you free to slaughter hordes of enemies and complete epic adventures either with your friends or on your own.

The Little Guardians Lexicon

Find a short list of all the important terms in Guardians of Ember:

Olyndale = home of the Guardians
Arena = the PvP battlefield in Guardians of Ember
Hack ‘n’ Slash = gameplay which emphasizes combat (also known as Hack and Slash, Hack ‘n’ Slay, Hack and Slay)
MMO = massively multiplayer online game
MMORPG = massively multiplayer online role-playing game
RPG = role-playing game
F2P = free to play
PvP = player versus player
PvE = player versus environment (i.e. against monsters and AI opponents)
Guardian = the player’s character in Guardians of Ember. Players can have and develop multiple characters at once.
Randomized dungeons = dungeon layouts are randomly generated to give a fresh playing experience each time.
Dual class = players in Guardians of Ember can add a second class at level 15 and change this at any time.
Housing = players in Guardians of Ember can set up and decorate their own houses and use certain features there.